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April Newsletter

This Month’s Meeting
Wednesday 18th April - Members’ photos:
Upstairs at The Bell Inn, 8 Thames Street, Hampton, TW12 2EA
The Bell has a large car park to the rear and it is about 10 minutes’ walk from Hampton station and also near R68, 111 and 216 bus stops.

At our AGM in March we decided a pub like this would offer a more friendly and informal environment and could also accommodate more people.

We will break for drinks half way through the evening which the Society will pay for on this occasion.

At the end of the evening, the meeting will discuss if The Bell Inn has been successful and if we should hold the next meeting there or what alternative venues should be tried. 
Subs for April 2018 to April 2019 are now due and can be paid at the April meeting.
Change of Programme
Our Society plans to enter images in the ‘Open’ category of the SPA inter-club PDI competition on 12th May at East Horsley. We entered last year for the first time but thought it would be useful to get members together to review submissions first this year. Members are asked to bring about six JPG images each from which the meeting will select the 16 best (but not more than three from any Member) to be submitted by the Committee to the SPA by 28th April. Not only will this make the entry the “Members’ choice” but also fulfil the wish of Members at the AGM to see more Members’ photos. Anyone not bringing images is still welcome to attend and give an opinion. Note that you will have to have paid your membership fee for 2018-19 to get your image included in the Society’s entry!
Saleel Tambe’s wildlife presentation, originally scheduled for April, has consequently been postponed to later this year.
Last Month’s Meeting
Wednesday, 21st March - AGM:
This year’s AGM had an additional item on the agenda to seek Members’ views on the Society’s future and to discuss and propose ways of revitalising the Society and boosting Members and attendance at meetings. This was necessary as attendance at meetings was declining very slowly and was now below a level to support external speakers.

This was a big success as all Members present enthusiastically contributed new ideas for talks, events, venue, etc. and we did not even take a tea break or have time to see each other’s photos afterwards!  Members want to see more of each other’s photos so we will have at least 4 evenings a year for viewing and constructive discussion of them (starting this month). Talks or presentations by speakers will still comprise the majority of meetings, but will be split between outside “names” and Members or friends/contacts from other clubs. The AGM agreed that higher fees could be paid to “names”. A few more outings will be proposed, providing more photo opportunities.

Committee elections followed with a few changes including the return of Martin Pearson, back in his former role of Treasurer, and we have a new Programme Co-ordinator, Rosie Littlemore. But again we only managed to get one nomination for each post so there was no need for selection by vote

It was decided not to raise the membership fee this year. The visitor fee, however, has been increased to £5.
Future Meetings:
Wednesday, 16th May – Venue to be confirmed
Vanda Ralevska returns with a talk: “Time to Stand and Stare” Continuing my Journey. Vanda will describe her challenges and development as well as enjoying the time and place.
Wednesday, 20th June
Maythem Ridha will talk about his North African images/book and current project.
Photo Opportunity – 13th May on the river at Hampton Court
I thoroughly recommend the ‘Tudor Pull’, a colourful traditional ceremony that happens once a year with, unbelievably, very few spectators (at least up to now) – see website: https://www.glorianaqrb.org.uk/the-tudor-pull/
PAGB Newsletter: If you have not yet subscribed, I recommend it: www.pagbnews.co.uk
Most of you will know this, but just in case…. To prolong camera battery life, do not recharge a battery until it has reached one third of its full charge but don’t let it fully discharge either. Turning GPS off will also save power.
Lastly, have you remembered to change your camera’s time to summer time?